2017 Launch CReader DIY Code Reader CRxxxx Comparison

Launch CReader DIY series Code Reader CR4001-CR9020 OBD2 scanner comparison table:
Comparison CR4001 CR5001 CR6001 CR6011 CR7001 CR8001 CR8011 CR8021 CR9010 CR9020
1996- OBDII
CAN Capability
Color Screen 2.4" 2.8" 2.8" 4.0" 4.0" 4.0" 4.0" 4.0" 4.0" 4.0"
Hot Keys  
Tool Storage     bag bag bag bag bag bag bag bag
OBD2 Scan Tool Functions (1996-Present)
Read& Clear DTC
I/M Readiness
Freeze Frame
Read Datasteam
Vehicle Info.
O2 Sensor Test  
Monitored Systems Test (Mode 6)  
Control of the on-board system  
Manufacturer Specific DTCs
Data Graphing
Buit-in DTC Lookup  
Data Record and Replay    
Print Dara via PC    
ECU Coverage
ABS System        
SRS System        
FULL System                
Reset Function
Oil Reset          
EPB Reset         Optional  
SRS Reset         Optional      
BMS         Optional    
DPF Reset         Optional        
TPMS Reset                    
ABS Bleeding         Optional          
Number of cars                 3 3
Support & Service Features
Warranty 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Upgrade online