DIY Mercedes W204 Steering wheel lock remove to repair

Here’s the story of his Mercedes W204 steering lock replacement:


Bought my car from the auction, run and start fine when I try to move it out of the parking so the tow truck can tow it to my shop.


No damaged to front end or steering wheel when at the site. After the tow truck tow it to my shop with the dolly, only tow rear wheel but not locking the steering wheel with seatbelt. The car will not start, no crank I can turn the car to all the way but no thing happen !


Jump start but still cant start ! Check the battery, still have good voltage


Steering wheel just locked, can’t move ?! Lock like something prevent the steering wheel so the key not working


I try to find the electronic steering lock but can’t see it because it was hide deep the back of the steering column.


As I know there no diy or instruction for the steering lock remove for now so I will take the picture and help people like me wont have to pay thousand $$$! In repair bill at the dealer.


The ESL ( electronic steering lock ) cost $500 , you will need the key $300 to sync, program new ESL to make it working with the key, EIS ( electronic ignition switch ) plus labor for remove,install and program for MB dealer !


my cost only $60 to shipped the whole steering column with Mercedes ESL EIS and key, $500 to repair with 1 year warranty to ESL

take me 15 minutes to remove and 25 minutes to put everything back.


You need 3 things : 

W204 ESL EIS and car key to rebuilt, repair it DIY


The ESL is the one i wanna share with all: $9.9 only i paid for it, from cheap, good quality, and of course working or not is the most important! It did work on W204 as the vendor said, so i think it would also work ok on W207, W212, E series or C series, like C180, C200, E200, E260, E300, E350, GLK300, GLK350.


The tools :

Torx 25 27

hex socket 10 mm

U joint 3/8 with socket extension




1) disconnect the car battery


2) using torx 27 to remove 2 bolts behind the steering wheel


3) using 10 mm hex socket to remove the bolt in the center of the wheel

remove the to plug of the airbag


3) using 10 mm hex socket to remove the bolt in the center of the wheel

remove the 2 plug of the airbag

pull its out


4) Using the E 28 external torx remove the 4 bolt on 4 side of the steering column


5) you have to remove the cable and pull it out


6) you can see the ESL in the back of steering column with the blue plug







7) to remove the EIS , take the small flat head screw driver and put it into the key ring, rotate it counter clockwise



On left top of the EIS, using the flat head to pry the black plastic retain that lock the EIS to the dashboard and pull it out from the back


remove the bolt that connect the steering column to the steering shaft.