Honda HDS HIM “Timed out waiting for the interface device to initialize”

I bought the Honda HDS HIM double board diagnostic scanner with Z-TEK USB1.1 to RS232 Convert Connector, i connect the Z-TEK with HIM well,but it failed to communicate with laptop. I uploaded some error screenshots here:


Timed out waiting for the interface device to initialize.

-Update the MVCI with the provided communication cable,if necessary.
-To connect the MVCI wirelessly,run the MVCI Connection Manager from your PC Desktop or Start menu.
-To change the wireless profile on your MVCI,run the MVCI WiFi Setup Wizard from your PC Desktop or Start menu
-Your local firewall settings may also block MVCI communication
-Check your local firewall or anti-virus software settings.
-Ensure cables are correctly connected if you use USB or Enthernet cable.



I then re-installed the Z-TEK USB1.1  driver and set the COM port. Still got error:

The service “Wired AutoConfig” may not be running.
The PC services (“Wired AutoConfig” ) and “WLAN AutoConfig”) must be set to start automatically.
-Ask your IT administrator for help.



Then I contact the technician. They suggested me changing their Windows XP operating system and follow the video guide to connect Honda HDS and Z-TEK USB step by step. There are 2 tips you should notice:

1. better disable anti-virus software program

2. COM port must be set to COM 1.


Problem solved finally. Thanks for their help.

Ps. here is the video guide on how to install Honda HIM USB.


How to install Honda Daignsotic System HDS software driver