How to choose diagnostic cable for Honda 2015

Here is a user suggestion and solution of cables for Honda 2015 cars to do full function (diagnosis and programming).


Any cables for Honda HDS for 2015 cars?


you need to select Allscanner vcx plus/vxdiag, which support honda hds of 3.014 with full functions including ecm/pcm replacment, it also support OEM softwares of toyota techstream, land rover SDD, subaru ssm3, ford/mazda IDS, gm tech2win/gds2 and porsche tester.



One vxdiag cable works with all that oem software, such as Ford, toyota?


No. vcxdiag vcx nano for GM only with GM/Opel. The Allscanner that works with more software sell for around 350$. Not the cheap 100$ GM nano one.

I bought the vxdiag nano GM and it work with limited function in gds2 & tech2win.
I also bought ford/mazda nano and it is very limited also. That’s all. So I doubt that the one that claim to do Honda Hds is not with full function either

For HDS to have full function, you need GNA600 or Honda HDS HIM interface, good full diagnosis and programming. But gna600 is better for old cars (1996-2012). For 2015 new cars, FLY100 II Honda scanner full version should be a good choice i think.

Even cardaq+ which is a 1800$ device don’t have full functionality on HDS.