How to use AdblueOBD2 emulator on DAF ESC system

Customer question:
When using AdblueOBD2 Emulator for DAF Trucks , it prompts Trucks engine warning, Warning esc pipe system, how to solve this prolem?

Technician answer:
1). On some European 6 vehicles,  there is no CAN line on their OBD port. You should confirm whether there is CAN line on your vehicle’s OBD port, if no, you need connect the wiring by yourself. There are four wire on the OBD post, they are 16pin power line, 4-5 pin GND, 6pin CAN H, 14pin CAN L. You shuld connect the power line, and then after the device light brights, you should connect the CAN line corresponding to your 7 in 1 CAN line.

2). Remove all the Adblue you installed before, and remove the protector tube of the adblue on your vehicle.

3). Plug our Ad-blueOBD2 Emulator, installing it according to the user manual, if it is still no work, you can try this cable showing in the following picture:

4). One side of the Adblue connects with your vehicle, the other side connects the device you want to use to clear the fault code. Note pls, you should use CDP to clear the fault code.