INPA vs. Ncs expert vs.Bavarian technic software

There are three popular software options for BMW E series in the market, BMW INPA software, NCS Expert and Bavarian technic (BT); so which one is best for auto diagnosis, coding & programming on E series? Here are what the users think of, talked about in forums.


Part 1: NCS expert vs Bavarian technic software

I have the enthusiast version of the bav tool…it’s more user friendly. Can’t do coding….professional version may though

The type of “coding” the BT tool refers to in the Professional version is the ability to back up the coding of a module and to restore it into a new module for replacement.

It doesn’t do the advanced coding like NCS Expert can. However, with all the information coming out now on coding and how to handle official retrofits with NCS Expert and such, I wouldn’t be suprised if BT started working on getting into more advanced coding before too long.



Part 2: INPA vs BT

INPA will tell you what the code is and why, just like BT.

You can even google the error code and get a more in depth explanation.


BT Tool doesn’t work on 2011 cars. INPA does…


To do stuff like digital speed and key fob coding, i use the inpa cable as I don’t think the Bav Technic cable is capable of stuff like coding besides programming your battery and minor other things….


Part 3: INPA/ NCS expert vs Bavarian technic

BT is simpler to use but I prefer INPA/NCS expert. I also use DIS and it is really easy to use as well. The BT enthusiast tool (the cheaper one) can’t do coding. You can clear codes with it, though.
My preference is INPA/NCS expert/DIS. You can do everything and more with them over BT. And once you have them set up, you can do some pretty cool coding as well. Good luck!


The BT tool can’t really do any coding.
I tried to code my drl with the BT tool and always got an error.
once you are comfortable with NCS-Expert/Inpa you can do so much more cool stuff with it.



INPA/ NCS Expert can do everything for BMW E series (INPA is a factory diagnostic program, NCS expert is factory coding), while BT cannot do coding but for basic diagnosis.