Ktag ksuite can’t read Audi S4 2005 ME7.1.1(fixed)

I tried to follow the instructions on my ktag ksuite 6.070 ecu tuning kit, but it doesn’t even show the same Bosch ME7.1.1 ECU board of my computer from my 2005 Audi S4. I have it hooked up the best I can based on the instructions that it gives, but there is a connection error issue.

what I have hooked up currently:

Ktag connect to ME7.1.1 -1

wiring instruction on my ksuite software v2.13 firmware 6.070 for Ktag:

Ktag connect to ME7.1.1 -2

On the instructions in k-tag for boot read flash, it stares to wire three pins using “red/orange” wires on Ktag wiring harness. There are two orange and two red so I don’t know which to use. Then, it says to use the grey and blue wires for “boot” and “CNF1” connections. But the places they say to hook the wires up on the ME7.1.1 do not even exist!

Here is how my ECU board looks, its different the the one shown above:

Ktag connect to ME7.1.1 -3

some optional solutions are offered here:

Solution 1:
hi mate i just had same issue with non M box for s4 if you have the immo vision you need 12v to pin 3 21 121 last in upper corner right. Long away from where ground and 12v is present. that do the trick i read mine with ktag ecu and work like charme 3.0o9min

Solution 2:
Try to read this post: (a case of Ktag to read AUDI A6 ME7.5)

Maybe you got the wrong protocol. no need CF1 connection. Then use BOSCH ME7.1.1 HW1 Family 50.

Solution 3:
you need to check db15 connector for colour pin out. I had one from China and purple wire was k-line instead of yellow for k-line.

And then try to disassemble KTAG tool, and check component for kline
usually L9637D, try to change with L9613B or Si9243A