Lonsdor K518 Key Programmer "Device abn" Problem Customer Slution)

About: Lonsdor K518 key programmer and the "Device abn" problem

This solution is for the "Device abn" problem.

When starting the first time this comes up.
And it will not go any further.

(Maybe it can help out in this problem as well).

Then do this:
Try to press "Settings" button and "Return arrow" button.
At the same time for 4 seconds.

See if it comes up with a screen which involves "Newest AKP" and "Oldest AKP".
Choose "Oldest AKP"

(I am thinking of this could be the solution to ACM kernel problem, if you can reset it somehow).
It will come up with a screen "loading".

Then a text either in Chinese (even if the text before Oldest AKP was English) or English.
"Connect server failed, please set up network"
Then you will choose the "OK".

And the machine will start up in English, and let connect to the internet and register.
And then do the updates.
Lonsdor K518ISE Machine should work as normal after that.

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