OBDstar RFID or Xtool KC100 which to program VAG 4th 5th Immo?


Ready to program VAG 4th 5th Immo, how would you vote between these two Chinese products:
Obdstar X300 DP (also key master DP) with RFID adapter and Xtool X100 PAD2 with KC-100.
Both are supposedly capable of doing similar things including the support for 4th and 5th VW immobilizers. Just curious.


The user who vote for OBDSTAR:

It’s hard to sey, i think. I know much better OBDSTAR, work with they 4th year, no problem until today, no problem for me and any customer didn’t complain for devices- i think, was something devastated. Be honest they don’t do everything what is listed but no one device which do it. Obdstar very quickly react and make amendments and supplements so devices work very properly.

obdstar products are very popular and has frequent updates
I vote for OBDSTAR

So, yes it is worth ordering the OBDSTAR RFID adapter.


The user who vote for Xtool:

Ray-ray from DK forum is most familiar with Xtool Company, so let’s here what he said.

If you look at old post Xtooltech had no sale in china or on eBay. I ask member on the forum if anyone used ps80 or ps90 little to no feedback. I ask my Chinese broker to look and buy a unit for me to test. They refuse to sell to any Chinese broker. That was perfect solution I want to come out with something new with a company that was will to bring in engineers to the USA. The company was part of Obdstar that did most of their sales in commodities. After the break up they focus on heavy duty diagnostics. I went to sema last year in Las Vegas, next to sema there was diagnostics show call apex. There I meet the company and there engineers, I made a deal that day. Xtooltech learn that day that there was too much competition in diagnostics, and very little in immobilizer. I have work on making the tool better, I have not stop. My goal is to keep developing and improving their tool (there is no money Xtooltech is paying me). Ken the owner has tried to pay me for my work and I have refuse. My mission is to make it a great tool.. what is my reward to be remember.