Program Chinese Megane II key card with FNR Key Prog

How to: program  a Chinese key card for $ 17.99 using the Chinese FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 Key Programmer.


The key card came in 20 calendar days, the quality is excellent, the buttons are pressed gently, as in the original, there is no gap between the key and the case.


In the photo are two new key cards bought online. The one on the right is mine. 


Both keys are recognized by the Chinese clone Mini Zed-bull v508


Type 46 chip, PCF7947

As you can see, the chip is read, I have hidden the SN (ID) of the chip, although it does not carry any relevant information.


By connecting the Mini Zedbull V508 to a PC and installing non-native EFfI software – Second Life for Zed-Bull clone v2.7.2 173 Modules, you can read the configuration of a clean key card chip.


As you can see, the preliminary configuration of chips from different vendors is the same. On screenshots of SN (ID) chips are hidden.


Pre-configuration is required for new PCF7947AT chips (14 pins) if you want to make a virgin used chip card replacing the transponder PCF7947AT . It seems that we managed to figure out the pre-configuration of chips for ordinary key cards, but the key card with remote that has the PCF7943AT /422 transponder installed (16 pins) is not so simple. To begin with, the Chinese have a key card for sale based on a completely non-standard NXP26A0700 chip (20 pins) aka PCF7961 , which was never used in the original Renault Megane II, Scenic II key cards. Most interestingly, this key is recognized in Renault CAN Clip as a key with remote, but judging by the circuitry of the printed circuit board, there is nothing in this key for the full operation of this function. The point is probably in the preliminary configuration of the chip. If it doesn’t work out, I plan to order this card and extract the necessary information from it. The point is, is it possible that a different preliminary configuration is necessary for key cards with remote control? I made such a conclusion after studying the photo in the comments for PCF7943AT / 422 chip on Ali and announcing the sale of a virgin key card with CP on ebay.


Photo taken the PCF7943AT chip


Photos from a virgin key card CP


As you can see, the information on the preliminary configuration is different and I did not manage to find some pattern. It may turn out that the preliminary configuration is the same for both types of key cards, but for this you need to order the key card again and try to program it through Clip. In general, this issue has yet to be largely resolved before it turns out to be used. key card with CP new. Even if we manage to deal with the pre-configuration, the question remains with the PCF7943AT working chips . But I did achieve that the car was turned on, but did not close, and then vice versa, until finally it spoiled the chip. 

And so, in fact, Install the software on the FNR Key Prog according to the instructions from the CD. I have Windows 10 x86 Pro installed on my laptop .


close your pc anti-software firstly, very important.

1. first- install the”fordupdate1.1.1″,second- install the “truecodesetup”
2.copy the content of folder “ford crack” to the installed patch : C:XXX TrueCode ,replace the old files.,then run the FordOBD.exe,the f-ord software is OK now.
3.copy the content of folder “FD CODE CALCULATOR” to the installed patch : C:XXX TrueCode ,replace the old files.,then run the F-ordOBD.exe,the f-ord software is OK now.
4. copy the content of folder” rt ns” to C:XXX TrueCode ,replace the old files. then run the “TrueCode.exe”,the re-nault ni-ssan software is OK now.
5.copy the content of folder “system32” to the windows system patch : C:\WINDOWS\system32


After installing the software, we run FORD CODE.exe as administrator and configure the USB port for connecting the FNR 4-in-1 Key Prog .


Configuring the USB port for connecting FNR Key Prog and language


You can set the configuration of the port and language manually in the appropriate files: settings.txt, lang.txt .


Configure the port and language manually in the appropriate files: settings.txt, lang.txt


After installing the software, proceed to program key card. 
In order to register a new key card, you must: 
1. Connect the FNR Key Prog to the OBD-II diagnostic connector 
2. Close the auto key card and not insert the key card into the card reader! 
3. Click the Start button to enable ACC – network + 12V 
4. Run as administrator TrueCode.exe


Run as administrator TrueCode.exe


Click the icon DIAGNOSTIC


Choose from the list the type of your car, in my case Megane II / Scenic II (<2007)


Press the button: Connect Selected Vehicle


A message will appear: Ensure no cards in the reader! Make sure that there are no key cards in the card reader! Click Ok


FNR Key Prog will connect and display information about the registered cards in the car. The ID Card is the serial number of the transponder. Also in the window is displayed Pincode and VIN which are necessary to extract Outcode in the RenaultPinExtractor 2.exe program, if you want to register the key card via the dealer Clip. The Pincode display function is useful for Megane II Phase 2 owners, because RenaultPinExtractor 2.exe cannot correctly generate the correct Pincode from the ISK code displayed in the Clip, which will not give you the opportunity to register the key card via Clip. 

(If you are interested, check how to generate pin fro ISK and program key card with CAN CLIP)


Click Start Program, the message will appear: Place first card in the reader. Insert the first key card into the card reader. Click OK


A message will appear: Do you want to program another card? Do you want to program another card? Click Yes


A message will appear: Place the next card in the reader and click OK. Insert the following key card into the reader and click OK.


A message will appear: Do you want to program another card? Do you want to program another card? In my case, only 2 key cards and I press No. If you have another key card, click Yes. If you forget to bind the key card in the memory, it will get rid of the car. That is, in this way, you can untie the lost key cards. In that case, if you forgot to register the existing key card, do not worry. It can be re-tied up, re-passing the entire described path in this entry.


A message will appear: Procedure Successful! Successful procedure! Click Ok and Exit.


Re-run the application and make sure that the second key card is registered. As a result, I have one original key card with a remote control function in my car (all key card functionality has been preserved) and one key card without CP.


Disclaimer: The tutorial is translated from Russian. Credit to Mr. hoshikuzu.