Read and write BMW F10 530d EDC17CP45 by Ktag clone

Here are all details of BMW F10 EDC17CP45 ECU reading and writing, including tools to r/w EDC17CP45, how to open the ecu, how to read/write F10 EDC17CP45 with ktag ecu programming tool master clone, etc.


Tool to read / write f10 edc17c45:

– Firmware Ktag 6.070 can do it. 100%

– ktag 7.020 works as well

– Just get the good Ktag with Tricore protocols for any ME17/EDC17 ecus


So, possible to read / write f10 edc17cp45 with ktag clone?

Yes, with luck. Here you go. All details for newbies.


Differences between BMW E & F series EDC17CP45 read/write:

When you would like to read/write EDC17CP45 from E-series you only need to drill a hole in back of ECU to get into bootpin.

But for F-series, No need open the ECU and drill one hole for bootpin or more to get into GPT.


FgTech vs Ktag read/write EDC17CP45:

with FG Tech genuine you can use only 1boot pin, but before you will need to unlock it – work by OBD.
But read/write with 1boot pin.
For K-tag, you will need to solder 3 wires


This is where the boot pin is.


Safest an easiest way:

BETTER to open the ecu. It’s not so difficult.
and do it with Ktag BDM
How to open the EDC17CP45 ECU:

open it like every ecu.
the 5 screws need make of.afte this make pcb little hot and try to lift it from two sided on corner
this tools needed.



beding on corner.with little press,you can hear when the heat paste let the pcb .don’t need much press only little an you will see nothing damaged


How to read/write EDC17CP45 with a Ktag ecu programmer:

do it like this

frame and bdm from autobamm




It’s very easy to do for every one.


Also, someone do it in another way.


Example: 2010 BMW F10 530d EDC17CP45 read/write

Here is were to drill holes in back side of this ecu from bmw f10 530d 245hp the 2010 year EDC17CP45. Need 3pins to have communication with this ecu. Read it with Ktag. This is the safest way for communication.





Good luck! And try at your own risk!