Read and write EDC17C46 by Kess v2 or Ktag

How to read and write edc17c46 ecu? Which ecu tuning tool is best for r/w, ktag ksuite or kess v2 master? Here are all useful FAQs for you including all details you wanna know like the edc17c46 ecu tuning tool, method, etc.


Q: Any success with edc17c46?

A: kess v2 fw 4.036 with update board work 100% on this ecu

tested from me friday.  all ok

you will search only file ori, mod and write


Q: Has anyone managed to write the following ecu by obd using china kess v2 v4.036 tgat has been reworked. Using a original file from alien tech

A: Yes, it writes without issues. But still don’t get so confident with VR. Better boot it up than you can do it by obd . Stay on safe side. Thats why mpps ori will not offer VR as it is always rullet. Many other ori tool have problems with VR as they don’t match.


Q: How safe is to do with kess?

A: Kind of dangerous, no matter with which tool.

I do not recommend you to write with Kess clone, Ktag smoothly


Q: It is safer to open the ECU and read in BOOT mode?

A: Trad it in boot mode read it fine but getting boot error when writing on boot mode


Q: What about protocol 399, id only and write back mod file via obd

A: this works fine with Kess fw 4.036

i did a seat leon fr and passat with this type ecu

you have to ID the ecu, download an original file, tune it, then write via obd


Q: Can you post your wires good position for all users?

A: This is correct wiring for tricore adapter cable,

pin 1 = brown

pin 2 = purple

pin 3 = not connected

pin 4 = blue

pin 5 = 2x red

pin 6 = not connected

pin 7 = white

pin 8 = not connected

pin 9 = orange

pin 10 = grey

pin 11 = 2x black

pin 12 = not connected

pin 13 = not connected

pin 14 = yellow

pin 15 = green

I found pin 1, pin 2, pin 14 and pin 15 to be wrong on chinese clone cable and this seems to be the case with a lot of them after researching.


Q: So, how to read edc17c64 ecu with kessv2 firmware 4.036?

A: This is the how-to’s.

ECU: Passat 2.0TDI 2000 with BOSCH EDC17C46

Programming way: in Tricore Boot Mode

Operating system: OK on Win 7 laptop

Run the Ksuite v2.08 application.

Press on the car icon button

Select the corresponding model and ECU type


Then refer to the EDC17 ECU tricore boot mode instruction


Select the plug-in needed: BOSCH EDC17 C46 VAG (P269)

Select TOOL-> ECU DATA, wait the KESS V2 ECU programmer to process until it reached 100%


Task successfully completed. This time, select “READING” ECU, starting communication, identifying ECU…


Successfully read vehicle information. Proceed to read ECU

Reading ECU is in progress.

Name the ECU data and save the ECU data to a certain folder.

Job’s done.


Good luck with edc17c46 read/write.