(Solution) VVDI-Prog failed to read BMW CAS4-1L15Y

Customer problem:

“My Xhorse VVDI PROG 4.4.3 programmer cannot read CAS4-1L15Y, if i followed the ECU wiring instruction- i mean, remove this component. Soldering back after all operations completed.”


Gm-Tech2.com Engineer’s suggestion:

1- check you wiring

Group 1:

GND – black line

VCC – red line

Group 2:

BKGD – purple line

RESET – yellow line

XCLKS – green line

Group 3:

GND-C – black line

CLK – gray line

Note: DON’T lengthen the CLK line and GND-C line.


2- take out the component between GND-C & CLK



Attached file:

Wiring instruction for MC9S12 reflash cable