(Solved) Nspc001 Nissan Pin Code Calculator reads only 4-digit

We have a Japanese customer reported that his NSPC001 Nissan automotive pin code calculatorcan only read 4-digit pincode (BCM code),but web states it can read 20-digit.



I want to program a key for Nissan,it asks for a pin code to access.  I have Nissan Consult III plus and NSPC001 pin code calculator. The Nissan Consult 3 would pull out 20 digits pin code, but when i hooked up NSPC001 pin code calculator,it can read only 4 digits pin.


nissan-consult-4-pin-code nissan-nspc001-pin-code-reader-2

Error cause:

Nissan NSPC001 pin code calculator cannot be used alone otherwise will read only 4 digits pin.

You have to use other tools to build communication with immobilizer system, then hook up the calculator.

You can connect Nissan Consult 3 to car and access to immo system, then plug NSPC001 to read pin code.

Actually, SKP900 key programmer and NSPC001 calculator are perfect match.