Top 4 Plug-and-Play Ford Diagnostic Scanner Recommendation

If you are a Ford owner or if you frequently find yourself having to work on a Ford vehicle, it may just be a better idea to get a scan tool designed specifically for that brand.
Here we picked out the best choices for you right below:

Let's have a look at the comparison table of the 5 best picks Ford scan tool 2018.

Feel free to use it as your reference for choosing a suitable scanner.
Innova 3145 Ford Digital OBDI Code Reader
Ford, Lincoln and Mercury (OBD2)
Ford, Lincoln and Mercury (OBD2)
Ford, Lincoln and Mercury (OBD1)
1.English+ French +German
2. English+ French +Spanish
Update Online Life Time
Update Online Life Time
1995-2013 12V
1996-2017 12V OBD2 16PIN
1981-1995 cars & trucks
Basic Function
EPB (Electrical Park Brake Change)
SRS (Steering Angle Sensor Calibration)
ABS Bleeding
Oil service reset
TCM, Auto Transmission, Gearbox
BMS (Battery Change Reset)
IQA Injector Coding
Clear EGR Adaptive Tables
TPMS Reset
DPF Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration
Yes, (Diesel Car Only)
Intake Air Throttle Value Reset
Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor Reset
Let's look into detail:
1. Autophix 7710 Ford FD-OBDII Automotive Diagnostic Scanner
A pocket-sized Ford scan tool, the Autophix 7710 has a protective rubber sleeve that runs all around the scanner.

It comes in a shed of yellow and is a plug-and-play device. Meaning once you plug it to your vehicle’s OBD2 port it will be good to go.

This Ford scan tool supports all Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles that are OBD2 compliant. The car should be a model that was made between 1996 and 2017.

One of the good things about the Autophix 7710 is that it identifies vehicles automatically. On the downside, it doesn’t work on vehicles that are more than 12V.

Functional Features
CEL Reset

The Autophix 7710 can read and clear engine codes. You can use it to reset the Check Engine Light (CEL) on your Ford vehicle.
However, you won’t get detailed code definitions for each code pulled. You may need to do some Googling to understand the codes (assuming you don’t know the code meaning off the top of your head).

ABS, SRS & Transmission

Besides the engine, the Ford scan tool also tests the ABS, SRS and transmission systems.

It pulls and erases codes in those systems. You can distinguish a faulty code easily because the scanner highlights it in red.

While the ability to read and clear codes is a good thing, it would have been better if each code came with detailed definitions.

Most modern scanners even offer suggested fixes for engine, ABS, SRS and transmission problems. The Autophix 7710 doesn't, and that is one of its biggest weaknesses.
Special Functions

In addition to codes, the Autophix 7710 performs a series of special functions on Ford vehicles. It can reset the TCM, PCM, EPB, TPMS, DPF, intake air throttle valve and oil change injector.

Furthermore, the Ford scan tool performs battery monitoring, injector quantity adjustment, DPF regeneration and clears collision data memory as well as EGR adaptive tables.

On the surface, it may pass as a mere code reader, but the above functions prove that it is, in fact, a professional automotive diagnostic scanner for Ford vehicles.

However, it still lacks in some areas. For instance, it doesn’t support new key programming and can neither monitor nor let you manipulate individual PIDs.

Pros and Cons


Comes with free lifetime software updates
Doesn’t require any setup, it’s a plug-and-play device
Performs exceptionally well in injector quantity adjustment
Has ergonomic design and straightforward interface
Very affordable Ford scan tool


Not compatible with Mac systems
Functionally, it’s not a comprehensive professional automotive diagnostic scanner
Could do with better code definitions and built-in library

Who is it built for?
The Autophix 7710 provides a decent amount of data and functionality for auto enthusiasts andbeginner professionals. It is particularly ideal for anybody who regularly works on Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles.

2. FOXWELL NT510/NT520 Multi-function OBD2 Diagnostic Tool

Foxwell is one of the biggest makers of automotive diagnostic scanners. In their product line is the FOXWELL NT510, a dedicated Ford scan tool.

Here’s what you need to know about its compatibility and performance:
The NT510 is designed to work on Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles that are OBD2 compliant.

If you drive one of those, and it was manufactured not earlier than 1996 then chances are it is compatible.

More interestingly, you can add software for 4 other vehicle brands. So by default, if your scanner comes with Ford software, you can add four other brands, like Chrysler, GM, BMW, etc.

It works particularly well with Audi and Volkswagen. In fact, some units come with VW/Audi software by default.

Good as it may be, adding software for other vehicle brands will require you to dig into your pocket. Each one costs $60, meaning four will cost $240.

The scanner itself costs in excess of $170. Ultimately you may end up paying over $400 just to diagnose 5 brands of vehicles.

Functional Features

The NT510 allows you to read and clear trouble codes from all vehicle systems.

They include the engine, ABS, SRS, and transmission. It actually detects a vehicle’s VIN automatically.

Having said that, the auto scan function doesn’t always work. At times you may need to enter the vehicle make and model manually and do the manual selection of the systems you need scanning.

Many people love this Ford scan tool because of the plenty of data that it offers.

Beyond trouble codes, you can view real-time and freeze frame data from various sensors in text and graphical formats. The scanner also reads VINs and ECU information.

If you prefer analyzing diagnostic on a computer you can do so because this Ford scan tool supports USB connectivity.

Perhaps the one thing you won’t like is the fact that you can’t compare several PIDs simultaneously.

Advanced functions

Besides all the basic functions, the Foxwell NT510 Ford scan tool packs several advanced diagnostic features. They may come in handy if you enjoy probing deep in a vehicle’s systems.

For instance, you can do EPB calibration, ABS bleeding, DPF registration, DPF reset, SCR reset, oil change indicator reset, transmission learning and clearing of learning values.

Even more, it is bidirectional and supports component testing and instrument cluster.

As far as special functions, the biggest downside of this Ford scan tool is that it performs very poorly in some vehicle brands.

For example, while the DPF function works excellent in Fords, Audis and VWs, it completely fails in GMs, Chevys and a host of other vehicles.

Also, you need to set it up for VAG format for it to diagnose the EPB system well.

Pros and Cons


Upgradable to cover more vehicle models
Supports all system diagnosis
Easy-to-use menu
Free software updates for the lifetime of the product
Multilingual menu


The user manual is no good because it doesn’t refer to any specific vehicle
Poor customer support for this product
Adding vehicle brands supported is costly

Who is it built for?

Despite the advanced functions, Foxwell NT510 is not for professional auto repair shops. That’s because it can only support up to 5 vehicle brands. A shop needs a tool that covers virtually unlimited vehicle brands.

However, DIYers and ordinary car owners will find this Ford scan tool great for regular or occasional use.

3. INNOVA 3145 Ford Digital OBD1 Code Reader

If you drive a Ford that was manufactured before 1996 then the three Ford scan tools above will not be of help to you.

You will need an OBD1 scanner. One that you may consider is the INNOVA 3145.

An extremely affordable unit, this scan tool is compact and light in weight. But how does it rate incompatibility and functionality?

As an OBD1 scanner, this device works on Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles made between 1982 and 1995.

More precisely, it is compatible with MCU as well as EEC-IV computer control systems.

The scan tool plugs into the OBD1 port located on the driver’s side.

You may need an extension cord because the one that it comes with is quite short.

A longer one will allow you to sit in the driver’s seat as you work.

Functional Features

Besides the engine, you can also pull transmission codes using this Ford scan tool.

Good as that sounds, its diagnostic functionality pretty much ends there. You can only pull engine and transmission codes.
Check Engine Light

While it doesn’t really turn off the Check engine light, the INNOVA 3145 Ford scan tool will tell you why the light came on. It does so by pulling engine codes and displaying them on the screen.

You may refer to the accompanying codebook to know what triggered the light.

To reset the light you will need to fix the problem and then disconnect the battery for about 15 minutes.

When you reconnect it the DTC will be cleared. Not the most straightforward way to turn the Check Engine Light off but it does get the job done.
Code storage

Still, on matters codes, this OBD1 scanner has a built-in memory that stores codes. It retains them even after you have unhooked it from the vehicle.

That handy feature means you can always revisit diagnostic data later for more analysis.

Pros and Cons


Package includes codebook and user manual
Easy to use, doesn’t require any setup
Very affordable
Works on virtually all OBD1 Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln vehicles
Small, compact and rugged design


Limited functionality. Can only access the engine and transmission systems
Doesn’t actually reset the Check Engine Light

Who is it built for?

This unit will serve you best if you have a Ford, Lincoln or Mercury car or truck made within the years recommended. It makes it a breeze to locate problems in engine and transmission systems.

4. Autophix OM121 OBD2 Ford Code Reader

The OM121 OBD2 code reader is the second Ford scan tool made by Autophix on this list. That shows just how strong of a brand Autophix is turning out to be.

But of course, the goodness and suitability of a scanner or code reader lie in its compatibility and performance in diagnostics.

Although it’s designed to primarily cover Ford, GM, Acura and Buick cars, the Autophix OM121 works on virtually all OBD2-compliant vehicles.

However, it is not compatible with most Asian-made vehicles.

As a Ford scan tool, this device supports all OBD2 protocols including CAN, ISO9141, J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, and KWP20000.

It should work even when the vehicle is off provided the battery is up to activate the onboard computer.

Functional Features

The Autophix OM121 reads and clears hard, pending and historical engine codes.

It basically pulls and erases both generic and manufacturer specific codes from any OBD2 Ford vehicle.

Each code comes with its definition to help you understand the problem better.

Its biggest weakness is that it only accesses the engine. Meaning the device won’t be of any help if you want to scan other systems like ABS, SRS, and transmission.
Check Engine Light

Despite falling short in the number of systems it can diagnose, this Ford scan tool does a good job in reading and clearing engine codes.

As a result, it is great for resetting the Check Engine Light.

With it, you can easily determine what triggered the light and consequently turn it off.

More functions

On top of engine codes, the scanner retrieves vehicle information including VIN, CIN, and CVN.

Additionally, it can perform I/M monitor readiness tests.

The latter function means you can always use it to check whether your vehicle will pass state and Federal emission standards.

Although vehicle information and emission tests are handy features for car owners, the device still lacks in functionality.

There are many Ford scan tools that can do a lot more, including programming, relearning and accessing all vehicle systems.

Pros and Cons


Supports several other vehicle brands in addition to Fords
Very easy to use
One of the most affordable Ford scan tools
Provides definitions for codes
The small and lightweight design makes it portable
Doesn’t need any batteries to work, derives power directly from the ACC
Has a multilingual menu that supports English, French, Spanish and German

Massively lacking in functionality. Besides engine codes, emissions, and vehicle information it doesn’t bring anything else to the table.

Who is it built for?

The limited number of functions makes the Autophix OM121 unsuitable for professional use. It’s too basic for an auto repair shop.

But it makes an ideal choice for ordinary car owners and DIYers who want to learn more about their vehicle’s engine and emission systems.


So which of the 4 Ford scan tools is best for you?

If you own an OBD1 Ford car you should be looking at the INNOVA 3145. It’s the only one that can diagnose vehicles made between 1982 and 1995.

But if your Ford car is OBD2 compliant then you may want to make your choice from the other four scanners.

The Autophix OM121 provides the most basic and handy functions for an ordinary car owner. You can reset the Check Engine Light and run emission tests.

On the other hand, the Autophix 7710 and FOXWELL NT520 offer virtually the same functions, including a series of special features like programming and EPB function.

They both make great picks if you want to perform advanced diagnostics.