Why Handy Baby failed to Copy Toyota 72 G chip?

Has anyone had issues cloning Toyota G keys on handy baby key programmer? Got latest software G is activated, when I read a Toyota 72 G key, it reads right and at bottom I have press OK to read. If I press it just reads again. PC software won’t pick it up.

If I put a ford 80 bit in, it reads and I now get press ok to decode. And pc picks it up.

why aren’t I getting the decode option on Toyota G? Just read? Any ideas?
(As the picture displayed)


First you must pay extra money to open Handy baby G function authorization.

Always need a PC and internet connection to clone G chip/80 bits transponders with Handy Baby.

And you have the id’s starting by 37 57 77 97 B7 d7, you can’t clone the transponder.