4D Cloning Tool Key Programmer

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Product Description

  1. 4D Cloning Tool use to copy 4D chips from 4D60 to 4D68, it needs install software on computer to read out chip information and write data to new key.


4d-cloning-tool-key-progammer-obd365-qc-markHOW TO COPY A KEY with 4D CLONING TOOL PROGRAM?

1. Install software and the driver on your computer. Make sure your computer is Windows xp system and you has close anti-viru software.

2. After finish installing software, start the "4D CLONING TOOL PROGRAM " from the Menu:

Start Programs 4D Cloning TOOL Program of the "4D CLONING TOOL " type of device in your possession which it is connected, then click on that the program can detect the communication. If the version of the not up to date, a special message update.

3. Make sure the device is on, connected to the PC by the serial port, and the display shows "CONNECTED TO THE PC ". For the device to operate properly, do not place it close to the PC monitor, PC, power input point, or other electric equipment that generates magnetic fields.

4. When the program has detected the device click on the "Start " button on the same video screen:Every time the "Start"  button is pressed the settings selected will be saved on the disk.Follow the instructions on the PC video, complete with illustrations and short descriptions of the operations to be carried out at each step.


1) Throughout the entire operation the device must be connected to the PC in the "CONNECTED TO PC " mode.
2) Duration of the entire operation varies from some tens of seconds to some minutes, according to the key to be copied and the power of the computer used.

Package including:

1pc x 4D Cloning Machine
1pc x USB Cable
2pcs x CD