Newest Arrival AUTOOL BT660 Battery Analyzer BT-660 Car Battery Tester Supports Printing Data Out

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Product Description

AUTOOL BT660 Car Battery Tester ,tester comes with a Built-in Printer,which allows you to print data out, besides, it can also support Flooded, AGM, GEL, EFB Detect Bad Battery Cell.

AUTOOL BT-660 Car Battery Tester BT660 Battery Analyzer for Flooded, AGM, GEL, EFB Detect Bad Battery Cell

Language: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish

AUTOOL BT-660 supported langugae

Printer: with Built-in printer

Battery System Tester AUTOOL BT660 adopts currently the world's most advanced conductance testing technology to easily, quickly and accurately measure the actual cold cranking amps capability of the vehicle starting battery, healthy state of the battery itself, and common fault of the vehicle starting system and charging system, which can help maintenance personnel to find the problem quickly and accurately, thus to achieve quick vehicle repair.

AUTOOL BT660 Specification:

1. 1  year warranty, lifetime maintenance, and free upgrade for 3 years
2. Application: 12V automotive cranking lead acid battery and 12v/24v car system test
3. Measure Range:
CCA 100-3000
BCI 100-3000
CA 100-3000
MCA 100-3000
JIS 26A17--245H52
DIN 100-2500
IEC 100-2500
EN 100-2500
SAE 100-3000
GB 30AH-220AH

4. Working Environment Temp: -10 C -50 C
5. Special test clip: Double conductance Kelvin clamp
6. Housing Material : Acid-resistant ABS plastic
7. Measure Range: 30AH-200AH
8. Voltage Measure Range: 7-30VDC

Battery Type:

AUTOOL BT660 Battery type

Main Function for BT660:


1. Battery Test

 Select the battery test and press OK key to continue
 Battery Type: select your battery type, usually is “Regular Flooded”
 Input testing standard: the standard which you can see the front of the battery ,such as CCA、BCI、DIN. If you can’t find
 any info about the standard, you can choose GB standard. Choose GB standards would lead little tolerance.
 Input rated capacity: you can see the starting current standards in front of the battery
 Then press OK key to start testing.

2. Cranking Test

 Starting the engine as prompted, tester will automatically complete the cranking test and display the result.
Normally, cranking voltage value lower than 9.6V is regarded as abnormal and it is OK if it is higher than 9.6V.
Test result of the tester includes actual cranking voltage and actual cranking time.
When cranking test is abnormal, battery test result will also be displayed at the same time.

3. Charging Test

 When enter the charging test, tester will prompt "Loaded testing"
 Note: Do not shut down the engine during the test. All electrical appliance and device are in OFF state. Turn on/off any
electrical appliance in the vehicle during the test will affect the accuracy of the test result.
 Operate accordingly to increase the engine rotating speed to 2500turns, and keep for 5 seconds.
Tester starts the charging volt test after increase rev detected.
 After the test finished, tester displays the effective charging volts, ripple test result and charging test result.

4. Review Data

 After entering the forth function, then press OK key you can view the final test result.

5.Print Data out 

With built-in printer, You can print out the test data

6. Export Data

Connect this battery tester to computer, you can download the print software from our web at

7. Additional Function:

AUTOOL BT-660 Car Battery Tester Special Function

1). Language 
2). Time adjustment

Package List:

1pc x AUTOOL BT-660 Car Battery Tester

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