FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 Key Programmer for Nissan Ford Renault

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Product Description

FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 Key Prog for Nissan Ford Renault equals to Ford key prog+ Renault key prog+ Nissan key prog+ Ford Incode Calculator. It support key programmer for Ford, Renault and Nissan, for Ford no need pin code.

FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 Key Prog for Nissan Ford Renault

Highlights and attention:

1. Ford  Key Prog+ Renault Ford Key Prog+ Nissan Ford Key Prog+ Ford Incode Calculator

2. Language: English only.

3. FNR key prog 4-in-1 Software version:

 Ford key prog v1.1.2
 Renault key prog: v2.3.1
 Nissan key prog: v2.3.1
 Ford incode calculator:1.0

Please do not update the software online.

Ford key prog

Ford key programmer 1997-2011
Ford key programmer is an affordable, high performance, PC to vehicle programming interface,working by obd2, supporting different ford cars from 1997 to 2011. With the ford key programmer,you can clear the keys and add new keys.
Model list:
Transit Connect (2007-2011)
Focus (2004-2011) non-prox
Fusion (2002-2011)
C-Max (2003-2010)
Cougar (1998-2002)
Fiesta (1998-2002)
Fiesta (2002-2008)
Focus (1998-2004)
KA (1998-2000)
KA (2000-2008)
Mondeo (1998-2007)
Puma (1997-2001)
Transit (2000-2006)
Transit Connect (2002-2007)

Renault key prog--key programming and pin code retrieval system!

Renault key prog allows you to add blank key or card for many of NEW Renault cars via OBD-2 socket. You DO NOT NEED any PIN code! Software would program keys/cards AUTOMATICALLY. it is for Renault and Nissan based vehicles using HITAG-2 keys/cards - with the 12 character pincode.
The programmer connects to the vehicle through the diagnostic connector, and with the PC software supplied shows the true dealer code from the vehicles. Simply click on 'Program' and it will prompt you through the programming sequence for learning new keys/cards to the vehicle.
Naturally once the Pincode is retrieved you can also use it for any security/coding/replacement of Renault body control UCH ECUs. This functionality will require a Renault Clip or DEC Superscan
This programmer is designed for pincode reading and key programming solution by OBD solution for the Renault


Very simple and user-friendly software interface
You do not need any PIN codes or access to Renault.net
You can program up to 4 blank keys/cards
Automatic remote control unit programming

Models Covered:

Clio II
Laguna Ph1/Ph2
Espace Ph1/Ph2
Velsatis II Ph1/Ph2
ScenicII (<2007)
Kangoo Ph2
Master Ph1/Ph2
scenicII (>2007)
Nissan key prog

This covers pincode reading / key programming on these car systems with a mechanical key (non proximity) to the present day.
Nissan Micra K12
Nissan Note
Note : Additional Securty Pincode reading / key programming for the Nissan Micra K12 and Nissan Note.
Ford incode calculator: Ford  incode calculator for 6 or 12  character

Supported car models: FORD CARS.
With the  incode/outcode calculator,  No need for internet access - this software does all the calculations for you, seamlessly in the background.
You can use the INCODE, it calculates to match PCM to PATS module when installing new or secondhand FORD diesel pumps (INCODE calculator can be used without plugging into car). And You will need another diagnostic tool  FORD IDS to do Ford pump matching.

FNR key prog 4-in-1 Packing:

1. Keyprog interface with dongle

2. CD-software

How to install FRN 4-IN-1:

close your pc anti-software firstly, very important.
1. first- install the"fordupdate1.1.1",second- install the "truecodesetup"
2.copy the content of folder "f-ord crack" to the installed patch : C:XXX TrueCode ,replace the old files.,then run the F-ordOBD.exe,the f-ord software is OK now.
3.copy the content of folder "FD CODE CALCULATOR" to the installed patch : C:XXX TrueCode ,replace the old files.,then run the F-ordOBD.exe,the f-ord software is OK now.
4. copy the content of folder" rt ns" to C:XXX TrueCode ,replace the old files. then run the "TrueCode.exe",the re-nault ni-ssan software is OK now.
5.copy the content of folder "system32" to the windows system patch : C:\WINDOWS\system32

FNR 4-IN-1 Key Prog PCB Display:


Q1: I get “NO DONGLE FOUND” error, after install and plug the FNR software and USB Dongle?

A1: You need install the crack file as well, please kindly check and confirm

Q2: When i install the software FNR key prog 4-in-1, i follow the manual to install it, everything is right, but i still get the error prompt "run-time error 8002invalid port number", what is the problem?

A2: For this product, usb com port need to set up to com12.

Q3: When it shows error on the screen, I click OK, then I quit the software page, why?

A3: You need to check the chip type, if it is compatible. If yes, that means this tool can not do your car.


How to set up Renault+Nissan Key Prog 2 in 1

Tech Support

Here is an easy way to program a new key card for Renault Megane II using FNR Key Prog 4 in 1 & dealer true code software, no need pin code!

Part1: install the software

When you got the package, take out the CD, run it on your windows xp laptop

Copy those files in the CD to desktop, open the “setup” file


Run “setup” file to install TrueCode, click OK


Then follow the prompt to complete setup


Run “setup1” in “r+n” file

Select language

Click next to start installing TrueCode version 2.3.1 on hte computer

The setup will install TrueCode to C:\Program Files\ TrueCode, click Next


You can choose “creat a desktop icon” and “creat a quick Launch icon”, then click Next

Click install and wait until installation complete, then click finish to exit setup.


The computer will find new hardware by itself, choose install from a list of specific location(advanced), and click next


The location is “r+n” file-> USB driver -> USB driver file, then click next to begin install


Click finish when setup complete

Note: the USB driver setup wizard may pop out again, just install again


You should change the COM Port Number:

Right click “my computer” and open “Manage”-> “Device Manage”->”Ports(COM&LPT)”

Right click the ”USB Serial Port” and choose “Port settings”->”advanced”, then change the COM Port Number to COM12


Part2: Program Renault Megane II key card

Run “TrueCode” application on the desktop

choose “Renault Diagnostic” section as picture show.


Select car model “Renault Megane II”, click “Connect to selected vehicle” then click “Start Program”.


Place the first key into the reader. Click “OK” and wait. It will show “PIN accepted”, click “OK”.


Now it will show “Procedure Successful” that means FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 key programmer make Renault Megane II new key card OK!

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