Firmware V4.036 Truck Version KESS V2 Master Manager Tuning Kit with Software V2.37

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Product Description

Firmware V4.036 Truck Version KESS V2 Master Manager Tuning Kit with Software V2.37,Supports more truck models than previous version,and more stable.It is the Updated version of V4.024 Truck KESS V2.

KESS V2 Master Manager Tuning Kit for truck Software V2.37 Firmware V4.036

Top 4 Reasons to Get V4.036 Truck Version Kess V2:

1. Comes with latest firmware & software.

2. Covers all function of previous V4.036 car version and V4.024 Truck version

3. Supports multi-languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French.

4. Tokens can be recharged when it runs over.

Notice: Software V2.37, please do remember to disconnect network.

V4.036 Truck Kess V2 supported models

KESS V2 Connection Display:
KESS V2 Connection Display
Truck kessv2 device connection

Kess V2 V4.036 Truck Version Ksuite Display:

newest version for kess v2 truck version
Truck version kess v2
v4.036 kess v2 for trucks
Latest Truck KESS V2

The left one is V3.099,the middle one is V4.024,the right one is our V4.036

Differences among different kess v2

Packing List:

1* V4.036 Truck KESS V2

Here is the comparison table of kess v2 truck version fw 4.036 & 4.024 and kess v2 car version.
Item No SE87-D SE87-CK SE87-K
Product Kess V2 v4.036 Ksuite v2.22 Master for CAR Kess v2 v4.036 ksuite v2.22 for more TRUCKs Kess V2 v4.024 Ksuite v2.22 for TRUCK & CAR
Price US$179 US$99 US$79
Firmware ver Kess V2 v4.036 Kess V2 v4.036 Kess V2 v4.024
Software ver Ksuite v2.33
Ksuite V2.33/ V2.08
(V2.22 version can not connect internet, V2.08 can works with internet)
Ksuite v2.33
Unlimited tokens,
with a renew button to add tokens
With 30 tokens,run token application in the CD to add tokens
With 30 tokens,
can replace KESS V2 CPU NXP Repair Chip to get another 30 tokens
Cars only;
No truck!
No motorcycle!
More Trucks !
(4.036 kess v2 vehicle list)
Truck & car


How to install Kess v2 truck version V4.036

Tech Support

How to install Kess v2 truck verison V4.036 Ksuite V2.08?

Disable both local area connection and wireless network network connection. (VERY IMPORTANT!!!)


Step 1: Install Ksuite V2.08 setup

Open K-Suite Truck software CD

Open Ksuite V2.08 folder


Open Ksuite setup to install K-Suite setup wizard


Click Next

Click Install

Install Microsoft Visual C++2005 SP…

Click Yes

Select software language


Click Next

Click Next

Click Next

Installation Complete. Click Finish

If the Ksuite prompts “Connection not established”

Press OK to proceed


Open KSuite folder on KSuite V2.08 folder

Right click Ksuite software on desktop->Find Target->copy all files to E:/Ksuite v2.08/Ksuite


Open Ksuite truck CD

Copy Help folder to E:/Ksuite v2.08/Ksuite


Step 2: Install Kess V2 driver

Connect KESS v2 manager ecu tuning kit with computer

Wait the system to found new hardware wizard

Select “Install the software automatically (recommended)”, click Next


Click Finish

Open My Computer->Manager->Device Manager->Universal Serial bus controllers->USB Device to check if communication is built


Step 3: Run Ksuite & Read ECU

Open Ksuite software on desktop


Check device information


Click Car icon

Check all avaiable ECU list


Here our engineer first read BMW 3 series E90 323i Siemens MSV80 via OBDII successfully


Select CAN

Select ID

Follow instruction to switch on and off dash-board

Select Reading

Read ECU Complete


We also tested OK with 320D Bosch EDC17CP02 via Tricore

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