New Arrival Powerpedal Turning Tool (Throttle Response Controller)

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Product Description

Powerpedal is a digital electronic control module that connects between the "Accelerator" and "Engine Control Unit". It helps to improve the throttle response of your vehicle, therefore, to enable a faster acceleration.

New Arrival Powerpedal Turning Tool
Powerpedal Turning Tool is Made in Germany

Nowadays, most of the automobiles in the market use a drive-by-wire throttle system, which means that the throttle is electric. This technology actually replaces the old mechanical control systems with the use of electromechanical actuators and human-machine interfaces.
When we step on the throttle pedal, it changes the electrical signal running through the control unit that is connected into the engine management system and this signal will inform the engine management of what the driver is actually doing to the throttle. 
Then it will send a signal to the throttle body on the engine and controls an electric device  to open and close the throttle body to perform your acceleration.
The amount of throttle opening depends on how much you step on your throttle pedal. Sometimes you may feel that there is a lack of lagging when off idle or other times when you are driving.  Powerpedal is designed to prevent this from happening.
This throttle response controller is designed for easy installation. It is just a 'plug and play' installation and it takes approximately 10 to 15 mins. DIY convenient!!
There are totally 3 different modes for you to select:
Sport: Throttle response slightly improves. Response can be increased by up to 16%, and it is suitable for everyday driving.
Sport +: Improves throttle response plus optimal fuel consumption across the RPM range. This mode is good for merging and overtaking.
Eco: This mode is suitable for stop-and –go city traffic and it improves the lower end torque and optimal fuel consumption.
Important Notice: Do not switch to another mode while driving!!!  

Comparison between with and without Powerpedal:

Comparison between with and without Powerpedal

Powerpedal Installation (same for all car models):


Package including:
1pc x Powerpedal Turning Tool


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