V53 FGTECH Galletto 2-Master EOBD2

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Product Description

New Version FGTECH Galletto 2 Master EOBD2 V53, developed with high-speed USB2 technology new add VAG SIMOS PCR 2.1, add New JTAG BDM and so on, is the fastest and most secure product on the market, it is easy to install and use by anyone.

New Version V53 FGTECH Galletto 2-Master EOBD2
fgtech galletto
Top Five Reasons to get FGTECH Galletto 2:
1. Software Version: V2012              

    Hardware Version: V53
2. Supported Multi-Languages: Italian/ English/ German/ French/ Spanish/ Portuguese/ Czech/ Turkish
3. No Dongle in the package, you can use it with crack file
4. Computer Requirement: Intel Core = 2000Hz - RAM = 2,0GB
5. Easily be installed on Dell D630 Laptop

Notes for Installation:

1. Please change your computer time to 2013.01.01 
2. Copy the software from cd to your computer desktop
3. Your computer must do not have old FGTECH software(This is very important)
fgtech galletto master v53 version

Some customers have problem with FGTECH software runningwe advice you better choose FGTECH Galletto V53 Plus DELL D630, because fgtech v53 can work well with Dell D630.

Compared with FGTECH V50, FGTECH Galletto 2 Master V53 New Added Function:

Freescale MPC 5553/5554/5565/5566 NEXSUS PORT New IAW MJD 8F2
Mair 8GMF New Delphy DCM3.5xx DCM3.7xx TRW. 
Motorola Freescale MPC 555/556/561/562/563/564/565 
Motorola MC 68332 - MC YQQCU - MC 68377 Trionic 5/7/8 GM-OPEL-SAAB 
Motorola MC 68376 Campi 01 Lamborghini - Lotus
Motorola MC 68336 MEMS D5 ROVER
Motorola ZC 439615 - ZC 439507 IAW FIAT - VAG
New Line OBD protocols VPM GM Hummer-Corvette-Munstang-Blazer-Cadilac
New Line OBD protocols Tx - Rx Subaru - Mitsubischi - Hitachi - Denso ec

FG Tech V53 PCB Board:


FGTECH V53 Package list:

1pc x FGTECH V53 Main unit
1pc x EDC17 +ST+C167 Adaper
1pc x Mitsubishi Adapter
1pc x OBD2 Cable
1pc x OBD2 Convert Connector
1pc x JTAG Cable
1pc x BDM Adapter
1pc x Renault/Volvo Truck Adapter

FGTECH V53 Related pictures:



Q:What is the difference between FGTech Galletto 2-Master(SE61),New FGTech Galletto 2-Master V5.0(SE61-D) and FGTECH Galletto 2-Master EOBD2 V53(SE61-E)? The software are all V50,are they the same?
A: Firstly the software version of these three ECU Chip tunning tools are all Version 50, but it is just the version but not means they have the same software so they could not be in common use. Secondly,the first two SE61 and SE61-D software can be used in common as their software is the same. But the third fgtech v53 SE61-D software is different.
Q: The difference between fgtech V53 and KESS V2 (SE87)? 
A: FGTECH V53 and KESS V2 both cover a lot of vehicles. There are two differences between them:
Firstly the method of program. FGTECH has bdm function while kess v2 doesn't.
Secondly KESS V2 has the anti-mediation lock module so it is better than fgtech v53 for doing encryption car.



How to install software and driver for FGTECH Galletto 2-Master EOBD2 V53

Tech Support

Frequently Asked Questions about FGTECH Galletto 2
Q: eobd2.exe can't open, how to Fix?
A: Please follow the instructions to operate.
1)To start "EOBD2" but can't open.


2) Open USB Fix-FG fix, and click "FTReadWrite_v3".

 Open USB Fix-FG fix

3) Write EE, and Open FG.

write ee

4) Writing complete.

writing complete

5) Click and start "EOBD2" 

6) When this window display, just click "OK"

click ok

7) Select Language what you want.

set language

8) Read and write ECU

read and write ecu
Q: The software your engineer installed for me can't be opened; I click the icon on the desktop and no response, what's the matter?
A: the software we installed has been tested successfully and can work on our engineer computer. After receiving the installed software, please set your computer system date to January 1, 2013, and then use "FG FIX tool" to fix, after fixed, eobd2.exe can be opened.
Q: FGTECH V53 (SE61-E), now the dongle is working, but I can't install the interface driver anymore! The system found the hardware, but when I click on the folder interface driver etc. windows would not install the driver.
What is wrong? Can you send me maybe a new driver? I did it like they show in the video.
A: There are possible two reasons: 
1) the anti-virus software is not disabled or uninstalled before fgtech driver install, and the driver is likely to be removed by the anti-virus software (Note: anti-virus software can flag up fgtech software as having a virus, this is a false positive and is due to the software containing the application file like .exe )
2)the driver is not correctly installed.We have video tutorial, please browse https://www.Gm-Tech2.com/wholesale/new-version-fgtech-galletto-2-master-eobd2-v53.html and click column "Video". Please refer to the following steps setup FGTECH galletto V53 driver.
1) Connect FGtech v53 to the computer and the car
2) Set the computer date to January 1, 2013
3) Copy CD-ROM software into your computer desktop. 
4) Install the Found New Hardware Wizard for USB FGTech Driver, and select folder "interface driver" to contain.

usb fgtech driver
5) A new window appears at the bottom right corner of the desktop "Found New Hardware-Your new hardware is installed and ready to use"
6) Open "Device Manager", under "Universal Serial Bus controllers" you will find "USB FGTech Driver"; this means FGTECH galletto V53 driver is installed.

fgtech v50
Q: My FGtech V53 (item No. SE61-E) could work before, but today I got error "No dongle found", the dongle can't be found, well I installed Dongle driver, then again I insert USB dongle and open again, I got the same error, I tried on 4 Dell computer and a Dell D630. I set the computer date to January 1, 2013. The interface driver installation is no problem. Would you please resend me a new USB dongle? 

FG Tech 2 No Dongle Found
A:  Please open Device Manager to find the Dongle is flashing or not, if the Dongle is flashing, please reinstalls the dongle driver;  if there is no flashing, maybe the USB dongle is broken, please contact us to send you an fgtech v53 crack file, the following picture is the content in the fgtech v53 crack file. 

FG Tech V53 Crack File

Q: I got one FGTech Galletto 2-Master V53 (Item No.SE61-E) and followed your instruction, I run fgtech Fix tool, but got an error as the following picture shows. 

FG Tech V53 Error
A: There are three aspects you need to follow. First, set your computer system date to 1/1/2013. Second, back to watch our video tutorial on how to run "FG fix tool". Third, better use windows XP professional. 
Q(1): On this screenshot, the OBD is plugged in the car, why do I have a low voltage message (red ellipse)?

FG Tech Low Voltage
A (1): try to connect the fgtech main unit to the 12V or 16v power adapter to see if it still has "low voltage" message.
Q(2): yes, I bought two 12V power adapters and tried on two vehicles. After the power adapter connected, the red LED light flashed, but it still displays “Low Voltage".
A (2): Try to connect to the 12V power supply, after the red light flashes, use USB cable to connect fgtech and computer, open eobd2.exe. If it has no voltage display, please contact us for further help.
Q: What is fgtech galletto 2 V53 computer requirement?
A: Firstly, make sure the hard disk is NTFS format, FAT32 can't be used. Every drive letter should be NTFS, delete all Hard Disk Partition and the Repartition, use NTFS to format.

1. Set the computer date to 1/1/2013.

system time
2. Computer requirement: Intel Core = 2000Hz - RAM = 2,0GB
3. Delete all previously installed fgtech software.
4. Disable or uninstall anti-virus software.

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