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Product Description

  1. Support CAS1 CAS2 CAS3 CAS3+ CAS4 CAS4+ FEM BDC Key Programming
  2. Read & Write BMW DME ISN Code by OBD, Read & Write BMW 35080, 35160DO WT
  3. Refresh BMW Keys, BMW FRM Programming,No Need Soldering

Yanhua Mini ACDP Programming Master with Module 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8,11 BMW Full Package

Yanhua Mini ACDP Key Programming Master BMW Full Package includes eeprom function, CAS1-CAS4 FEM BDC key programming, DME ISN reading and writing, eeprom 35080 35160DO WT reading writing, Refresh BMW Keys and BMW FRM Programming. 

Yanhua MINI ACDP Key Programming Master (SK247)

Top 5 Reasons to choose Yanhua Mini ACDP:

1. Test vehicle: NO longer needs engines
2. Programming: NO need soldering
3. Locksmith: NO longer needs soldering work.
4. YANHUA: keys programming - NO longer need soldering iron
5. The first in the world:BMW CAS4 FEM BDC 16ODOWT Programming no need soldering

Yanhua Mini ACDP Key Programmer Functions

1. Memory programming:
Support 93, 24, 25, 35, 95 series EEPROM in circuit (ICP) and on board (OBP) programming and parts of Freescale NEC MCU in circuit programming (ICP).
 2. BMW module programming:
(1) Support cas1-cas4+and FEM BDC IMMO key programming, mileage reset, program recovery.
(2)BMW engine ECU data reading and ISN code reading
 3. VW module programming.
MMC instrument
4. Instrument mileage and airbag ECU reset/maintenance is under development.
5. BENZ, BMW Audi and various models are upgraded successively

Yanhua Mini ACDP IMMO Mileage Programming
No need to remove chip
No need soldering
No need to cut the line
No need to lift the pin

ACDP MINI CAS Module (SK247-1)
Support BMW Key Programming for all series
CAS1-CAS3+ Module:
Key Programming by OBD
Add Keys
Reset Mileage
Back up or recover CAS
All keys Lost 

CAS4 / CAS4+ Module:
Read CAS4 EEPROM without soldering / welding
Add Keys without soldering / welding
Reset Mileage without soldering / welding
Back up or recover CAS without soldering / welding
All keys Lost without soldering / welding 

ACDP MINI FEM/BDC Module (SK247-2)

All keys lost without soldering / welding
Add keys without soldering / welding
Delete Keys without soldering / welding
Enable / Disable keys without soldering / welding
Read Key ID
Repair / Replace FEM Module without soldering / welding
Reset Mileage without soldering / welding

 ACDP MINI ISN Module (SK247-3)
Read and Write ISN Code: 

N20 (MEVD1724, MEVD172P, MEVD1729), N13 (MEVD1725, ), N55 (MEVD172, MEVD1726, MEVD172G, MEVD172S, MEVD17 ), MSV80, MSD81, MS085,
MSD85HY, MSD87, MSV90, MEVD1728 (s63), MEV1722, MED172, MEVD1727, DDE701,DC17C50, BMSX...

Add new:
  Supports E Chassis
  Read N62_ TUE2 DME ISN
  Read MEV9N46 DME ISN

ACDP MINI 35160 Module (SK247-4)
Read BMW ISN code 
Read and write Fujitsu CPU MB91F dashboard of Honda Hyundai Kia etc
Read and write all the 8pin IC chips

ACDP MINI Refresh BMW key Module (SK247-7)
ACDP refrash bmw key
The Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW key renew module is used to renew keys for BMW E series and F series so that the key can be used again

Supports BMW FRM Footwell Module 0L15Y EEPROM FLASH Read / Write
Supports BMW FRM 3M25J EEPROM, D-FLASH, P-FLASH Read / Write

ACDP MINI FRM module (FRM Footwell module) (SK247-8)
Top 4 Reasons To get YANHUA ACDP FRM Module:

1.Integrated data reading / writing, data conversion in one programmer;
2.no need to write other cars’ data;
3.no need to coding.  
4.Simple and efficient.

Yanhua Mini ACDP Module 11 Clear EGS ISN Authorization with Adapters (SK247-11)
Functions includes as below:

EGS State
Clear ISN
Reset Adaptation
Backup Coding
Recover Coding

Packing List

1set x Yanhua Mini ACDP 
1set x Yanhua Mini ACDP Module 1
1set x Yanhua Mini ACDP Module 2
1set x Yanhua Mini ACDP Module 3
1set x Yanhua Mini ACDP Module 4
1set x Yanhua Mini ACDP Module 7
1set x Yanhua Mini ACDP Module 8
1set x Yanhua Mini ACDP Module 11